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Who is Integrity IT Solutions?

We're a small, close-knit team of people working together to make people's lives easier by handling their IT needs. As a Managed Solutions Provider (“MSP”), we function as an in-house IT department for over 120 of Kansas City’s best small to medium-sized businesses. Taking a cue from the doctors of old, we bring an old-school flair to our technology culture by making on-site “house calls,” face-to-face conversations, and forming real relationships with our clients.

Integrity IT Solutions started back in 2006 as a humble response to the confusion, ego, and high costs that commonly plagued the IT-side of area businesses. Fast forward over a decade, and we’re still seeking to share our kindness, generosity, integrity, honesty, and diligence with each other and our community.

Where is your office?

We’re not much for bragging, but it’s a hard to hide that we love KC and love our location inside the coolest building in Kansas City: Union Station. Directly connected to the KC Streetcar (which is always free!), you can grab lunch in the River Market, Power & Light, or simply step out the front door to visit the beautiful Liberty Memorial or Crown Center. Out the back of Union Station, you can take the Haverty Bridge that directly connects to the Crossroads – and far too many restaurants, local breweries, amazing coffee shops, and retail stores. We’re fortunate to be inside such a great space – it’s beautiful, inspiring, fun, and amazingly convenient.

How do you do your work?

In our sales and marketing interactions with area businesses, we openly remind our potential clients that many area businesses offer IT support, just like we do. Our differentiator is not only that we fix technology problems, but also that we care for people. In short, we are committed to not only fix problems but also to kind and generous service. No, not “service desk” – but rather true, heartfelt service to real people. Regardless of your role at Integrity, we encourage a warm, “can-do” attitude that’s willing to dive in and help a client or a friend – and odds are, before long, they’ll probably become both.

Inside our offices, you’ll observe that while we all have varying responsibilities and expertise, there’s an overarching willingness to share work, knowledge, and responsibilities. More so, there is a continual commitment to shared success as a team. No, we’re not perfect at fulfilling our team values (that’s why we write them down!), but we've agreed to hold each other accountable to improve and do better every day. To do that, it requires trust, vulnerability, transparency, and a few other “X factor” ingredients that not every candidate brings with them. If it sounds like we’re describing you, keep reading!

What is your team culture?

We love to nerd-out about things like company culture, team dynamics, and other interesting and engaging topics, but to answer the question, we believe team culture is a living, growing, changing organism. It’s not static. It’s dynamic. If you add another person to the team, the culture changes to include that persons’ personality, background, history, and skills. So, as much as we want the culture to be healthy and fun, we believe that the team culture and health are by-products of our values.

We’re proud to employ people from unique backgrounds, with varying personalities, broad career paths, diverse personal histories, and differing skill sets. While our differences make us unique and powerful, it is our shared values that bring cohesion and effectiveness. So are we dodging the question? No, not at all. We’re a lot like a family; we’re full of ornery jokesters, strategic planners, (occasionally) witty pun-crafters, high-achievers, steady-eddies, and careful communicators. We’re all different, but we’re also quite alike where it counts most. We want to play to everyone’s strengths. As such, you’ll see a lot of people doing what they excel at here at Integrity, and asking for help in areas that may fall outside their wheelhouse. Want to join a team like that? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Current Opportunities

we want people with : Character, Heart, & Grit